Thursday, September 16, 2010

Statement Piece - Work in Progress Sept 16

*To read the beginning of this project, scroll down to Sept. 8th entry.

I managed to do quite a bit of work on my necklace yesterday. And I'm really liking it!!

Since I will be utilizing 2 four-strand-reducers on each side of the necklace, I am thinking in terms of 2 groups of strands. The bottom group and the top group. I completed the bottom group by adding a bold strand of lapis lazuli. Take a look .....

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

I was very careful to make this strand a good 2 inches shorter than the strand below it to make sure the large lapis beads didn't intrude. The silver spacers between each of the smaller lapis beads adds a bit of weight. Whoever wears this necklace is going to have to have a strong neck!!

Here's a close up

I also completed the lowest strand of the top group. This I really like! Blue blue blue blue Nacozari Turquoise!

Yeah, I like that!! Here's a couple of close ups

Those are 4mm sterling silver round beads in between the tear drop turquoise beads.

Now I'm thinking of the next strand to put in. My next strand is going to be a plain strand of green turquoise heishi beads, from the Kingman mine, put in fairly close to the blue Nacozari, sort of like this

And here's a few pics of some other arrangements I am thinking of for the rest of it

That top strand of turquoise is definitely going to be used!! With lots of silver! Those beads are from the Kingman mine. The other strand is Nacozari Turquoise heishi.

Or maybe some more green. This is green Kingman turquoise.

I also have a very pretty strand of iolite that would look nice.

And of course, I could go a completely different way, and use some carnelian, or some fancy jasper. We shall see!!! :)

Don't forget, I'm having a contest to name the necklace! Winner gets their choice of earrings or soap!

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Linden said...

Wow!!! That is looking *so* beautiful and I really admire your colour combinations.

Haven't come up with a name idea yet but it's making me think Egyptian or Native American, and regal.

Goes away to put thinking cap on...