Sunday, September 12, 2010

Statement Piece Work in Progress - Sept 12

*To read the beginning of this project, scroll down to Sept. 8th entry.

I've done a little work on my statement piece. And the planning of other strands is coming together. Here is the first strand ... actually a double strand.

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

I realized I have a few reducing connectors, that will reduce 4 strands down to 1. I'm going to use 2 reducers on each side of the necklace to reduce 8 strands down to 2, then connect those 2 strands to a 2-strand toggle. Here's the reducing connectors

And the toggle, which I bought yesterday at the Gem Show

The next strand I'm going to work on will be the very bottom strand, and will consist of these beautiful Nacozari Turquoise flat tear drop beads. I'm not sure what to use between these beads yet. I bought some heishi turquoise yesterday, also from the Nacozari mine that would be beautiful. Or I have plenty of silver to choose from.

And just to tease all you jewelry makers, here's some of the silver I bought yesterday. This is all from Kalpataru Beads, one of my favorite vendors at the Tucson Gem Show. He'll be back at the BIG Gem Show in Feb.

While I was buying a little bit of turquoise, Ray took this picture of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise nuggets at the booth of Turquoise Jewelry Mfg of Albuquerque. I couldn't afford these gorgeous strands. Isn't it beautiful !!!


TheSoapSister said...

Wow! I love the turquoise and can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished! Very pretty, indeed. ~Becky

Linden said...

That looks fantastic, so looking forward to seeing where you take it to! I love big projects like this, don't do nearly enough of them (time, where do you go?)

Those turquoise beads are to die for, they are so beautiful...

Aunt Nancy said...

Thanks, Becky! I'm hoping my mind's eye isn't completely out of whack, and that it ends up looking as good as I think! LOL

Linden, I haven't done a big project like this in ages! It occupies a lot of my thinking time! And I tell you, I would have happily spent hundreds and hundreds on those turquoises beads if I could have!!!!