Sunday, June 2, 2013

Apple Orchard Layered Soap

This is a soap I made last week.

The bottom layer is colored with Moroccan Red Clay and a touch of red oxide.

Right after I poured the bottom red layer, I evenly sprinkled red clay across it, to form a line between the red and the uncolored soap. I let the bottom layer set for about 20 minutes before carefully pouring the top layer. If you don't let it set up a little, when you pour the top layer it will go through to the middle of the bottom layer. I wanted a nice straight line.

Scented with Apple Orchard fragrance oil from Nature's Garden.


Anne-Marie said...

What a stunning soap, the design is very even and the color is just perfect! =)

LatherBeSoaping said...

Beautiful! I love the pretty rose color. I recently bought some red Moroccan clay, so it's good to see how it turns out in a finished soap.

Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, Anne-Marie! :)

And thank you, Jenny! The Moroccan clay I have is a brick red. I added some red oxide which made it a more apple red.