Friday, July 30, 2010

Monsoon Madness Soap Sale !!

Here in Tucson we have a monsoon season. During the months of July and August, we can expect torrential rainfalls, booming thunder and lightening storms, flooding in the washes, and unexpected microbursts that are so full of wind and lightening trees are snapped in half and power lines come down.

Now keep in mind, we are used to having the sun shining on us for weeks and weeks at a time, with hardly any humidity and with no worries of cloudy days. So during monsoons, when the sun is hiding behind dark and heavy storm clouds, and the humidity creeps up above 30%, we here in Tucson go slightly crazy.

We call it Monsoon Madness. So in my madness, I am offering a B3GO soap sale!!


From now until end-of-day Sunday, August 1, I am offering a FREE bar of soap with your purchase of 3 or more soaps! This offer applies to both Aunt Nancy's Website and Aunt Nancy's Etsy Shop.

When ordering from Aunt Nancy's Website, enter your choice of FREE bar in the buyers comment area when checking out. Please note that discounts apply when buying 3 or more soaps. To find out more about these discounts, and shipping costs, click here: Pricing/Shipping Info.

When ordering from Aunt Nancy's Etsy Shop, be sure to look for my listings that offer your choice of 3 soaps, or your choice of 5 soaps. These listings have discounts built into them, and will save you money! Enter your choice of FREE bar of soap in the "Comment to Seller" section during checkout.

Recommended Soaps

One of my newest soaps has quickly become a favorite. Flower Bomb! I can't begin to tell you how good this smells! I have been using it. This morning I even used in on my hair, just so I could smell like Flower Bomb all over!

A while ago I went crazy making soaps using carrots. Yes! Fresh carrots that I pureed in my blender and put in my soaps. Why carrots, you ask? I wrote about in on my blog. You can read about it HERE

Fragrance Free Carrot Soap
Goat Milk and Carrot Fragrance Free
Goat Milk and Carrot Energized!
Carrot Cake Soap

And finally, Summer Peppermint. Peppermint with a bit of Lemon. SO refreshing in the summer heat!!

And a gratuitous cat picture, for my sisters. :)