Sunday, July 12, 2009


My latest soap, Blue, ready for curing. Scented with a spruce needle, lavender, palmarosa, sage blend of essential oils. Colored with ultramarine blue. Yeah, baby!

My guess it is will lighten up in color as it cures.

And more blue ....

Sheepscot, Maine, the village we lived in before moving to Tucson

Denim Lapis earrings

Blue blue sky of Tucson, Arizona

Some more blue water, this one Lake Tahoe

And blue waters of Patagonia Lake in Arizona

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sometimes, when you live in the desert .....

You have to call 911. Oh, don't worry, everyone is ok. Nobody was hurt, no crimes were going on, nothing was on fire. But we still had the firemen come in their big red truck. Because around these parts, they come ...

To remove a rattlesnake.

Ray discovered him while doing a little bit of outside work after supper. The snake was under the brittlebush by the carport. Ray didn't see him at first, managed to walk by him a couple of times before he saw him. The snake was not acting in a threatening manner, but still ....... So the fire dept came over and gathered up the snake with their snake catching poles (the poles were only about 4 ft long! I, myself, would have gone with a 10 ft pole), put him in their snake box, and took him to a near by wash to release him. I was content to stand inside the house and watch through the window. The snake was about 2 1/2 - 3 ft long.