Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nilus Leclerc 36" 4 Harness Floor Loom - For Sale

**** NOTE: Edited on 11/7/10 - The loom has been sold!! It will be making it's way to Silver City, New Mexico, on Nov. 21. :)

*** NOTE: Edited on 11/3/10 - The price of the loom and accessories has been reduced to $600 !!!

** NOTE: Edited On 10/01/10 - I reduced the price of the loom and accessories to $700! However, the yarn is no longer available!

This is a loom I have had for over 30 years. I have woven many a beautiful project on this loom, and it has served me well! But since I have not done any weaving in almost 10 years, it's time to let it go.

I am selling this loom, and all the accessories, including a boat load of wool yarn, for $900. This needs to be fairly local (Tucson, Phoenix area), no shipping. We can deliver for the cost of gas money, or buyer can pick up.

This is a Nilus Leclerc 36" 4 harness jack type floor loom. It's perfect for limited room as it can easily be folded up and stored, even with a warp on it. It's made out of beautiful hard maple.

Click on any image to enlarge.

A warping board, made out of pine

An extra reed, raddle, lease sticks

Shuttles, bobbins, bobbin winder, sleying hooks, etc

*** Edited on 10/01/10 - the yarn is no longer available!

And about a ton of yarn. Most of this yarn I got from Barlett Yarns in Harmony, Maine. It is beautiful wool !!!

Contact me with any inquiries!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I used to be a weaver. I've been dragging my loom with me through 3 moves, and even though there was an almost complete project on the loom, I couldn't seem to get back into it. SO, I have decided to sell the loom and ALL the stuff that goes with it. Today, I took the incomplete project off the loom.

The project was a coverlet in blue and white. I was doing it in two pieces each 32" wide by about 76" long. I was going to sew the two pieces together for a 64" x 72" coverlet. I completed the first piece, but the second piece is short by about 24". I thought about finishing it, but the tension has been so compromised by the moves that I knew it just wouldn't be right. Plus so many warp strings had broken. So I just did a few quick rows of tabby, measured 4" for fringe, and cut it off.

The first piece looks pretty good. Nice even edges. A few places where it looks like I wasn't very consistent with beating, but I should be able to remedy that when I wash and block. The second piece, well, one edge looks good, the other is very uneven, probably from working on it in small spurts and with so much time in between, and the loom getting folded up and moved around.

Here's a couple of pics of the first piece. The tan color weave on the end is filler and will be removed for a 4" fringe. It will make a nice piece to lay across the bottom of the bed. Since it is 100% wool, and is a little coarse, it wouldn't make a good blanket to keep on the couch for wrapping up in on a cold winter's night. Although washing should soften it quite a bit.