Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday Special 3 for $10 Sale

We invite all to partake in Aunt Nancy's Black Friday Soap Sale in our Etsy shop. Buy any three (3) soaps for $10.00 plus shipping! This offer is valid Friday, November 28th.

That's right! Three bars for $10.00! Choose any combination of soaps. Just list your choice of soaps in the Buyer's Comment section when purchasing our special "You Pick 3" listing. This offer is valid Friday, November 28th. Please feel free to convo or email me with any questions.

And even better, if you purchase TWO "You Pick 3" listings, I will refund the shipping charges of the second purchase!! So your total for 6 soaps will come to $20.00, plus $4.90 shipping!

Look for the "Black Friday Special You Pick 3" listing in Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soap shop on Etsy.

*** International buyers, please contact me for international shipping rates. If I do not already have a shipping charge set up for your location, just convo me and I will set up a listing for you.

This offer is valid Friday, November 28th.

Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coming Soon - Goat Milk Soap

I'll start introducing my new line of soaps in a few weeks - Goat Milk Soap. First in line will be a fragrance free goat milk soap, using my olive oil/wheat germ oil recipe. It's all cut and just needs a few weeks of curing.

Next in line will be Goat Milk Oatmeal and Honey Soap, also using my olive oil/wheat germ oil recipe. In fact, some of the Goat Milk Oatmeal and Honey is already spoken for!! :))

Eucalyptus Soap

Yesterday I made Eucalyptus Soap. Not my favorite. However, I can certainly appreciate the goodness of it when my head is stuffy! So, for this time of year, Eucalyptus Soap it is!! Sitting on the counter and ready to be unmolded now, clearing out my sinuses even as I speak! It will be ready for the farmers market and for Etsy in 3-4 weeks.

Monday, November 10, 2008


OK, I am NOT a pocketbook kind of gal. I buy one pocketbook about every 10 years, and use the poor thing until it falls apart. So, at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Craft Show that I sold soap at this weekend, when I looked across the aisle to see a display of handmade bags, I thought "eh, hand bags". Until I saw Kristin, the creator of these bags, wearing one. A voice said "hey, I want one of those!" and I said "It's just a bag". And the voice said, "yeah, but I want one!". I couldn't keep that voice quiet as I watched woman after woman trying on these bags, and finding a size bag that fit so it looked good, and it looked comfortable.

These are cross-body bags, made from cotton, fully lined. They are designed to go across the chest, and hang fairly low and towards the back. Well, I think you just need to go look at them! Here ...

Oh, yeah, I finally got one! :)) We did a bit of a trade, one bag for 8 bars of soap plus a couple of lip balms. I'm happy, I hope Kristin is!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Craft Show, and the RVFM

I know, I've been MIA for a week or so. All the reports I have heard about the amount of traffic that comes through the BBBS Craft Show had me running around here beforehand making sure I had plenty of soap ready for the three hectic days. Plus Ray was still doing our regular farmers market, so I had to make sure I was ready for that, too!

The BBBS show started very slowly. Friday had very little attendance. It had all the vendors a bit nervous. Fortunately, things picked up for Saturday and Sunday. Not as much traffic as previous years, according to other vendors who have been doing this show for a while, but still, a satisfying show. I hope I made a few new customers, and a few new friends!

The best seller was my Orange & Clove with Shea Butter. I completely sold out! Fortunately I have another batch on the curing rack, which will be ready for this coming weekend.

Saturday morning, Ray dropped me off at the show, and he brought soap and jewelry to the Rincon Valley Farmers Market, our regular Saturday market. He had a pretty good day, and even sold my 3-strand green turquoise necklace! He always manages to sell jewelry on days he does the market without me. Go figure! :)

3 strand green turquoise necklace, turquoise from the Kingman Mine

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote !!

As my daughter says, Rock The Vote !! :) Let's all get out there and do our civic duty.

I'll be voting for Obama on Tuesday!! This is a guy that is trying to do the right thing. He has such a wonderfully positive attitude, and he is always trying to lift up instead of beat down. He IS what this country needs right now. I like his ideas, I like his approach to getting things done, I like that he is working hard on domestic issues and not JUST thinking about foreign issues as so many other politicians are doing. I think we need to fix things at home before we can effectively help others. I don't believe the current Republican Party knows how, or WANTS to know how, to bring about energy changes. And energy is a HUGE HUGE problem, priority number 1.

OK, that is probably the last time you'll see me talking politics on my blog. The main point I want to make is ...


Market Report

Last weekend, Ray did the farmers market, and I did a small craft show at the rec hall at Tucson Estates, right next door in my mother's development. Ray did really good, selling lots of soap and a set of pearls! Long live the Soap King! :) I did good, selling a good amount of soap, and I hope I made a few new return customers.

This weekend's farmers market was slow. Very low traffic. Maybe everyone was doing yard work? standing in line to vote? I don't know where everyone was!

Next weekend, I'm doing a three day show to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters, taking place at Plaza Palomino on the corner of Swan and Fort Lowell, here in Tucson. Called the Southwest Flair A-Fair.