Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Personalized Soap Examples

Island Coconut and White Sage small soaps for party favors.

Labeled and still unwrapped. First cigar wrap is plain white light weight card stock.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Second cigar wrap is a heavier weighted ivory card stock with colored speckles

And here's both with a deli wrap


her life beautiful said...

I LOVE THEM!!! You are amazing! These are going to be the most perfect baby SHOWER(soap favors for a "shower"... ha, I love it)! Having my Mother-in-law take a look, and I'll let you know which cardstock to use. Thanks so much!

Anne-Marie said...

Nice job. I love the soap that's wrapped. It has a really great look to it. And yes, they are going to be the best shower favors ever =)

Michael R. Hughes said...

They look great. I am really drawn to the second cigar wrap with its heavier weighted ivory card stock and colored speckles, as it really adds style and brings out the texture of the soap. It looks very sharp.

Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, all! :) And they both smell wonderful!