Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Crochet Project Completed

I've started crocheting again, after years and years (about 25 or more!) of not picking up a crochet hook. I started again for 2 reasons ...

1 - I have a TON of yarn that I purchased when I was weaving. And I mean a ton! Look at all this yarn ...

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Most of it is gorgeous wool from Bartlett Yarns in Harmony, Maine.

2 - While watching TV, I realized I was wasting so much time! I LIKE watching TV in the evening, so I figured, instead of messing around on the computer while watching TV, I should do something a little more constructive.

I've been practicing my crocheting by making a few ipod/cell phone cozies. And I finally feel confident enough to start making items to sell. This is my first sellable ensemble .... a purse and a matching phone cozy. I just finished washing them and they are blocked out on a thick towel for drying.

Since I don't have buttons in the house, I crocheted the "buttons" for the flaps. Worked out good!

Opps, I see a little thread sticking out in the cozy above ... I'll have to weave that back in when it's dry.


Anonymous said...

very nice!

Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, sarah! I just spent WAY too much time on your blog! :) Love the hoody sweater pictured on the front of the magazine.