Monday, October 18, 2010

The Desert Princess - a Work in Progress Oct. 18th

OK, where did I leave off on the Desert Princess?? :) It's getting a little harder to find time to work on it as the soap is starting to demand more and more of my attention. Which, by the way, is a GOOD thing!

I added the last strand to the piece. I know I said I was going to add a couple of pieces of red coral, but I just love this blue blue turquoise too much !!

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Now I am at a point where I have to think outside the box a little, a bit outside my comfort zone. These 2 sections need to be braced apart, so they are not collapsing into each other. I do a little bit of wire wrapping, so I have plenty of sterling wire. So, using a 6 inch piece of 18 gauge half hard, and my little wigjig, I made a simple modified U shaped connector, with 2 loops on the ends which I will connect strands of sterling silver beads.

And here they are attached to the necklace

And this effectively holds the two sections apart! Kind of plain looking, don't you think? I have some 24 gauge soft wire that I will do some wire wrapping with turquoise embellishments to spiff them up a bit. THEN I can make the sterling bead strands that will connect to the clasp. I still haven't decided which clasp. These are my two choices:

I'm liking the hook, but the toggle will probably hold up better under the weight of the necklace.

And speaking of princesses .....


Jenny Kendall said...

lovely piece, your princess, and the soaps look scrumptious - where do you sell them in Tucson?

Bella Angel Craft said...

Beautiful Desert Princess - will look for it on your website when finished. Will you be at the Rincon Farmer's market over Thanksgiving weekend this year with your soaps? We look forward to seeing you on our annual trip!

Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, Jenny and Bella!! :)

I'm not doing any farmers markets or craft shows this year. I stopped doing the farmers market last summer, just couldn't stand the thought of dealing with the heat and monsoon rains. And never got the "umph" back to start going back. So I'm just selling online now.


Lady P said...

oh my - I love your soap - but these necklaces are just making me drool! lovely work, Nancy!!