Monday, June 23, 2008

This Week at the Farmers Market

It was HOT ! By closing time (1 pm) it was up to 108. No lie. Fortunately we have a vendor stall inside the barn, complete with overhead fan. Plus we brought a floor fan. So it was at least bearable. Not too many people out and about, although there was actually more then I thought there would be. These Tucsonians are a tough lot! We didn't make a killing, but I don't expect to through the summer months. But I want to keep a presence there to help build up a customer base. I did have one lady come back this week for more fragrance free for her husband. She had been there last week and asked if I had anything he could use, every soap she tries just gives him a rash. I pointed her to my fragrance free, which is a very simple, nice soap. And it worked for him! :)

It was pet day, and there was a vet there to give shots to dogs and cats for a discounted price. Pet day happens once a month, and is always entertaining. One woman had two Italian Greyhounds which were about half the size of a Greyhound and where really cute! Lots of other dogs, all of them happy to see each other.

My best sellers this week - Fragrance Free and Black Raspberry Vanilla. One extreme to the other.

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