Monday, August 27, 2012

Custom Orders

I've gotten a couple of custom orders in the last couple of weeks. Always fun!

The first one was easy. One of my customers wanted me to supersize the bars! My bars of soap are fairly large ... around 5 oz each. She wanted bigger bars please! I said certainly! :) She asked for patchouli. So I went with the same recipe I used a couple of weeks ago, and I cut the bars at 1 1/2 inches wide instead of 1 inch. They look huge. And smell great!

And here's a pic of the soap still in the mold, going through gel stage, along next to a batch of Salty Citrus ..

Hot! Don't touch! :)

Another customer asked me if I could put up a gift set for her mom's birthday. I said, yes indeedy I can! She let me chose the soaps, so I went with color coordination. All green Eucalyptus Mint, green layered  Green Cactus, all red Sandalwood Vanilla, red layered Ginger Lavender, and neutral colored Goat Milk Fragrance Free. 

I wrapped them in tissue paper, and added ribbons. Silver foil, gold foil, and turquoise colors.

I decorated a white gable box with birthday clipart, printed on a sheet of clear label, cut and placed stratigically around the box. 

The 5 soaps fit perfectly in the box! Nice and snug so it will ship securely.

Added a lip balm and 3 tiny hand crocheted cotton face scrubbies that I bought on Etsy a while back when I was still doing farmers market and did up little gift bags.

Filled the rest with crumpled white tissue. Closed it up, and added a handmade tag that I bought on Etsy. Or maybe I traded some soap for some tags, I don't remember.

Wrapped it really well in bubble wrap, put it in a box, and it's on it's way to the birthday mom! :) 

I'm thinking I should offer these in my shop. For any occasion. Something to think about. Let the customer pick the occasion and the soap. Hmmmmmmmm

I made a fun soap last week.  A five layer soap! I used Cinnamon Sticks fragrance oil to scent it, and red oxide to color it. I'm happy with the results!

The top layer bled a bit into the next layer, but that's ok, I don't think it detracts at all. Ray thinks it looks like a raspberry pudding cake. :-D I think it will make a nice holiday soap. 

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