Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Couple of Soaps

A couple of soaps I made this week. One, scented with essential oils, no color added. The other, scented with a fragrance oil, layered, colored with oxide and mica.

This is the essential oil blend. Spruce, Lavender, Sage, Palmarosa, and Patchouli. This is one of my favorite lavender blends. The essential oils allow the soap to trace fairly quickly so I pour it at a medium to thick trace. This lets me play frosting on the top of it, making waves and swirls in the top of the soap.

click on any photo to enlarge

And this is the fragrance oil soap. Amber Romancing is the name of the fragrance oil. It's phthalate free, as is all the fragrance oils I use. It's a sweet girly smell. :) The supplier describes it as: "A rich combination of amber, African vanilla, and musk with a faint undertone of black cherry." It's nice!  The bottom layer is colored with yellow oxide and gold mica. For the line in the middle, I used white Kaolin clay. 

Nothing exciting going on in the Goodwin household. It's been too hot to do anything outside. The weather has been very predictable ... 104-107 temp, monsoon storms in the afternoon.  And the desert is oh so green! 

Here's one of Ray's pics of one of the storms coming in near sunset (click on the photo to enlarge". Pretty!!


St.Maja said...

They both are very nice. Can't believe they are that flawless,no spots,or specks!? Beautiful!

Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, maja. These 2 soaps came out pretty good. Sometimes my stick blender stirs up a lot of air bubbles, and the soap doesn't come out quite as smooth looking. :)

Unknown said...

Well said maja..
Thanks Nancy for sharing. That's very creative. I like the way you have created such beautiful designs