Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Green Turquoise Heishi Earrings

I made these earrings this week. They make me wish I had pierced ears!

They are 4 3/4 inches long! They are called Jacla (or Jaclaw, or Jatal), a Navajo term for these long loopy earrings, usually made with heishi beads, and with larger beads, usually some type of shell, as focals. The Navajo women would tie the earrings to the matching necklace when storing them. Sometimes, they would wear the necklace with the earrings tied to it, so the earrings would hang down like long beautiful pendants!

Now, as near as I can figure, Jacla can refer to the earrings themselves, a necklace that resembles these earrings (2 strands, exactly alike), a heishi necklace with 3 or 4 larger, usually some type of shell, beads as focals. I Googled it as much as I could! :-D

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