Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sage, Rosemary, and Mookaite

I've got two soaps off the curing rack and in the shops. Well, they are actually restocks that I have had out of stock for a bit.

The first is White Sage. I love this scent. It's clean and smooth. A really nice scent for both men and women. The scent is from a fragrance oil, which is a good, high quality, skin safe, phthalate free (as is all the fragrance oils I use) oil.

And the second one is Herbal Rosemary. This is the perfect kitchen soap. I use rosemary essential oil for this soap, along with some powdered rosemary which I make a swirl with. This soap will get the onion smell out of your hands when cooking!!

Yesterday I made two soaps. They're both still in molds, I'll probably cut them tomorrow. They are both fragrance oil soaps. The green one is French Lilac, cause spring is coming!! The white one I had intended to be Lily of the Valley. However, I only had a drop or two of Lily of the Valley fragrance! So I started with that. Then, I poked around on my fragrance oil shelf, and found a couple of drops of Wild Rose and threw that in. Them I put in a bit of Ethiopian Myrrh. And finished it off with a couple of pipettes full of Ylang Ylang. It smells, well, kind of jasminey. I'll have to come up with a spring time name for it.


I have finished up a couple of pieces of jewelry. This will help answer your question, what the heck is mookaite?? :)

(click on any photo to enlarge)

I love this necklace! The focal is a wonderful carved bead, made from mookaite. This is from the website, ...

"Mookaite is the common, or popular, name for the rock with the geological name Windalia Radiolarite, being a fine grained, silicified and multi-coloured, radiolarian siltstone, found in outcrops, principally on Mooka Station (a sheep farm of around 700,000 acres)on the west side of Kennedy Range in Western Australia. The Kennedy Range itself is located approximately 90 miles east of Carnarvon and 25 miles to the north west of Gascoyne Junction, a small town of around 60 people, and located at the first (heading west from Carnarvon) sealed crossing of the mighty (usually dry) Gascoyne River."

I had a little trouble with this necklace at first. I used one of the sterling silver toggles I had gotten from Blake Brothers at the Gem Show. I tried on the necklace and wore it for a little while, to see how the horse bead set .. whether it would move around, hang sideways, whatever. Well, dang if the toggle didn't come loose on me ... twice!!! So I had to restring the necklace and put a different toggle on it. But my question is, what the heck do I do with the 6 or 7 toggles I have that I now know won't stay toggled together???? So this is what I did with one set ...

Ha Ha !! I made earrings with them!!

I also made a couple of pairs of earrings with pearls and amethyst.

This one is with green pearls

And these, purple pearls

I also made a bracelet with mookaite, that matches the horse necklace

Earlier in the week, I finished a necklace made with Red Creek Jasper mixed with some brown aventurine. This is nice!

And a pair of earrings to match

So, as you can see, I have managed to keep busy. :)

Here's a Dakota picture. She's kind of mad at me because I had to bring her to the vets for her shots. She started screaming her head off as soon as I started putting her in the carrier, and she screamed the whole way to the vets. A real drama queen!!

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