Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crochet Projects

Here's a couple of small crochet projects I have completed.

This first one is a pair of ankle warmers I made for myself. These are snug around the ankles and flare out a bit at the calf and at the instep. I can either just slip them on, or unbutton them and wrap then around my ankles and button them back up. I just use one of the spaces between a double crochet as a button hole.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Next, a small bag that I am using to keep my ball of yarn in while crocheting. I do most of my crocheting sitting in my computer chair, so I just hang the bag off the arm of my chair in an attempt to keep the cat from pawing through the bag as if it is her own private toy! :-D

This is a little open shoulder purse. Not sure what the heck it could be used for, but ....

A book bag, or project bag. I have this one for sale in my Etsy shop (Click *here* to see listing)

A little wallet, or business card holder which I felted (click *here* to see listing in my Etsy shop)

And a couple of cell phone or IPod cozies

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Anne-Marie said...

I love the knitted ankle cuffs! What a clever and cute winter accessory! Love it.