Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FINALLY .... Some new listings on Etsy

I have been so obsessed with my new IMac that I have been neglecting Etsy, and my blog, and my housework (although it doesn't really take a whole lot to distract me from housework :-D ). I have FINALLY listed 2 new soaps on Etsy, and a necklace!

First the soaps. ENERGIZE ME! A great combination of spruce needle, black pepper, and orange essential oils, with a bit of Rhassoul clay for visual and beneficial effect.

Spicy Basil Lavender, a blend of basil and lavender essential oils kicked up a notch with black pepper and lime.

And in my jewelry shop, a beautiful 3 strand turquoise necklace. The turquoise is from the Kingman mine.


Karley said...

Oh, those look so good. Do not tempt me! I am trying to finish up a couple other bars (I love the shaving bar so much) before I get more, although I think I'll break down and order soon :)

Aunt Nancy said...

Thanks, Karley! Engergize Me has become my new favorite. I just love the spicy spruce scent! :)