Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacation is Over!

Ray and I had a very nice "at home" vacation. And now it's back to work for both of us!

Today after my morning walk with Mom, I will get myself organized. I will take inventory of my essential oils and fragrance oils so I can make a list of soaps to make. I will determine 1 or 2 ways of advertising online, since I am no longer doing the farmers market on Saturdays and I need to punch up my online sales. I will go through my product photos and determine which ones need to be redone.

There are two blogs I would like to point out, both of them photography blogs. The first one is Ray's. :) He is doing a photography project involving the area around us - the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

Sonoran Connection

And the second one is my nephew Eli's blog. Keep an eye on this, he'll be taking a trip to Denali National Park later this year, and I'll be he'll get some great photos!

Whimbrel Photography

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