Friday, May 8, 2009

Sarah and Andy Were Here!

My beautiful daughter and best son-in-law ever where here for a visit last weekend. They were only here for 4 nights, 3 full days. And we packed a LOT of activity into those three days!!

Mt. Lemmon

They stayed over at my Mom's house, because Sarah is allergic to my cat, and, since I started making soap, I don't have a guest room anymore! :-D

The first day we took a short hike in Tucson Mountain Park, which is just about right outside our door. And then we went to the Desert Museum. They were impressed with both ventures, and Sarah was especially happy to see the prairie dog exhibit at the museum. The mountain lions did a good job of posing for all the spectators. For supper we went to La Fuente's, a very nice Mexican restaurant with mariachi band. The meals were good, and the margaritas even better. :)

Sunday we took a drive up to the top of Mt Lemmon, which is over 8000 ft above sea level. Beautiful! That took us just about all day. For supper, we ate at Barrios on 6th Ave. Another big yum yum!

Mt Lemmon

Monday in the morning my mother took Andy golfing, while me, Ray, and Sarah went to the San Xavier Mission. In the afternoon we all went to Sabino Canyon, which Sarah declares she could spend a few days at least exploring. For supper, Chef Andrew prepared the MOST scrumptious meal I have had in a long time! He made us a salmon salad that was soooo good, I am completely unsatisfied with all the food I have been eating since because I want some more! Andy is executive chef at Square One Restaurant in Key West, and I'll bet that restaurant is full all the time because he is that good!

Sabino Canyon

Sarah and Gram, Sabino Canyon

And then Tuesday, they went back to Key West. :(


shale said...

Andy is definitely a great we have found out first hand while in Key West

Karley said...

Thanks for sharing! It looks like it was a wonderful visit, Nancy!

The food sounds delicious as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!