Friday, September 26, 2008

Love That Turquoise!

I spent some time this week making jewelry. The fall gem show was here at the beginning of September, and I went on a small buying spree. I always check out the guys from the Kingman mine. The Kingman mine has a variety of turquoise, from the vibrant blue that I just love, to a beautiful subtle green. I bought a gorgeous strand of 8mm rondells in a beautiful blue. And a graduated strand of blue with a black matrix. And a couple of blue-green heshi strands.

So I made this with the blue turquoise

The accent beads are purple jade, from Turkey, and are really lovely!

This is the necklace I made with the strand of graduated beads, with matrix. Accents are Bali sterling silver.

Matching earrings

AND ..
A special order for one of my farmers market customer - she was looking for a plum/purple color necklace to wear to a wedding next month. She found an amethyst bracelet that she thought would match, and ask if I could make a necklace just like it. Fortunately, I had plenty of the beads so this is what I made

She just called a while ago to let me know she received it, and that it is perfect!! :-D That's what we like to hear!!!


harshita said...

All the jwellary is very awesome. It is very trendy and fashionable. It's nice to know that you made this jwellary with your own hands. Color combination is too good. I would like to buy for my sweet sister.


Karley said...

Beautiful, Nancy!
I am wearing a purple sweater right now the same color of that beautiful necklace! I will be checking out your jewelry on Etsy again soon!