Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Craft Show at the Sabbar Shriners in Tucson

This past weekend I did a two day craft show at the Sabbar Shriners in Tucson. A good cause. There was not much traffic, though. Fortunately, I won 2 raffles!! :-D Which payed for my space. And I made a few good contacts. A lot of vendors were talking about a 3 day show in November to benefit the local Big Brothers Big Sisters. The word is, it's a good show, this is their 18th year doing it, it has tons of traffic. I got the promoters contact info and sent her an email to see if she had any spaces left. Yes, she does! So I'll be doing that show November 7,8, and 9. It will be at the Plaza Palomino here in Tucson.

Ray was willing to take care of our weekly Saturday farmers market. He said traffic was down there, too! I wonder if everyone was out doing yard work this weekend. It was the first weekend in a long time where it wasn't so hot and muggy.

Here's a couple of pics of my setup at the Shriners. I only paid for one 8ft table, which was plenty. I can fit a lot of soap on one table! Pics are not very good, but they are all I got! :)


Karley said...


Your table looks so inviting and wonderful. Someday when I visit my aunt and uncle in Tucson, I will be in my glory if I get to see EVERYTHING in person when you're doing a show :)

Aunt Nancy said...

Karley, I would so LOVE it if you showed up at one of my shows or the farmers market!


Becca Nelson said...

Looks great!

Fun blog and great shops! Good luck on etsy!!