Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's Play Catch-Up

So to catch up on soapmaking ... Tuesday I made my fragrance free, wheat germ oil recipe. It came out beautifully, but I did not get pics. It's all cut, but waiting to be beveled.

Thursday's soap pot was apple spice. Omygawd, these soaps are gorgeous. I used my shea butter recipe, with a touch of jojoba. The fragrance is Apple Spice from Snowdrift Farms. I used green clay and rose clay for coloring. Here's a pic in the molds

I poured the red holding the bowl up rather high, I was hoping to get something slightly apple shaped by doing so. It looks more like big red drops, or maybe even by squinting my eyes it looks like an apple hanging on a green tree. What do you think ....

They are a little more green in real life then in the photo.


Tenisha said...

I love the effect. It does like like a cute round apple! Great job on them.

Ginger's Garden said...

I like it! It kind of looks like a red apple!

Karley said...

OK--I know my next order of 3 when they're ready is going to be the beer, this one and pumpkin :)

They are beautiful!