Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Much Do I Love My Soap Molds !!!


I can pour at a thin trace, no leaking whatsoever! They are easy to put together. WAY easy to get the soap out!

Here's pics of me removing my latest batch of soap. This is a Lemon and Honey soap, using my Wheat Germ Oil Recipe.

In the two logs

First log ready to unmold

I unscrew the wingnuts and take out the threaded rods

Take away the two end pieces, and flop down the sides on the piano hinges

Lift my 20 inch log of soap unto the cutting board

Peel away the freezer paper and I'm good to go!!

And if anyone is interested in one of these molds, Ray made a couple of extra ones and I have one listed on Etsy

Ray's Soap Mold

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Terri said...

Great pictures of your molds and process. I like seeing how others make there crafts.