Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soapmaking Day

Today is a soapmaking day. I should be starting my fall line up! I didn't know what kind of soap I'd be making this morning when I got up. Just kept shaking my head to myself, thinking I should be making a fall scent! So I went rummaging through my essential and fragrance oils, and lo and behold! A half bottle of Ginger Snap fragrance oil from Snowdrift Farms! Hooray! :)

And now it is almost 2:30, soap is all made (mess is still there, though). I used my shea butter recipe. It all behaved very well.

Tuesday I made 2 soaps. The first was peppermint with chocolate swirl. I used a new mold that Ray made for me, a slab mold instead of a log mold. Only I miscalculated on how much batter to make, and I didn't have as much as I like. So they are kind of flat. I cut them up this morning, and they look like some kind of cookie bar. I'll have to call them Peppermint Fudge Bars.

The other soap I made was a beer soap, sure to make my little brother cry out "oh my gawd, what a waste of beer!" :) I used good ol' Budweiser, along with my wheat germ oil recipe. I didn't add any fragrance or essential oil because I wanted to see how the beer alone reacts. I had no problems with it. I cut it up this morning, and it will be ready for fall beer fests. Sorry, little brother! :-D

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Karley said...

I am in TROUBLE if you made a beer soap, Nan! Thankfully they need to cure so my 35 more days left being on a self-imposed "No Buy" will be great timing :)

I CANNOT wait to try! I am LOVING the Ginger Snap that you sent me the slice of and know I'll order that as well...