Friday, July 18, 2008

Chickadee House

I am going to digress from soap a little, and talk about the Chickadee House in Sheepscot, Maine. My father-in-law bought Chickadee House in 1977. At the time that he bought it, it had been sitting empty for well over a year, part of an estate that had no heirs and was not being very agressively handled by a realtor.

Since my in-laws at the time were comfortably living in an apartment over the Village Store on the other side of the river (the Village Store is now the headquarters of the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association), they had no desire to move into Chickadee House, which was in need of some work. So me, Ray, and Sarah moved in for awhile. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! We did a few very minor repairs, and cleaned up the yard.

After almost 2 years, we ended up moving to New Hampshire. My in-laws rented out the house for a little while, then moved into it themselves. My dear father-in-law passed away, then in 2003 my sweet mother-in-law had to move into assisted living. Ray and I moved back into Chickadee House, and for 2 years did repairs through-out the house, getting it ready to sell. :(

Chickadee House sold in 2006. I haven't been back to see how the old girl is doing.

Here's a little bit about Sheepscot and Chickadee House

Pictures of Sheepscot and Chickadee House

And some gratuitous pics of and from Chickadee House

A rainbow over Sheepscot

Same evening as the rainbow, the bedroom just after painting and repair

The dining room, looking inviting

The Reversing Falls

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