Friday, March 15, 2013

Beer Soaps, Honey Soaps, Rainbows

And we have summer already in Tucson. 93 degrees yesterday, the same today. I'll probably have to turn on the AC later this afternoon. tsk

How about some soapy pictures? :) I'll start with a pretty and colorful soap. This is Citrus Mint 5 Layer.

You can find it on my website, and in my Etsy shop.

Before The Cure

A batch of Dark Desert w/ Agave Nectar,  and a batch of Amber Romance, just poured into molds.

And here they are going through the cutting process.

The Dark Desert soap has powdered Chaparral leaves added, along with some agave nectar. For scent, an essential oil blend of sage, lemon, rosemary, spruce, and patchouli. The Amber Romance is a layered soap, the bottom colored with yellow oxide and gold mica. Scented with a fragrance oil.

Another beer soap, this one made with Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Scented with a little bit of Chocolate Serendipity fragrance oil. Yowzer!!!!! Talk about chocolate overload!

The Cure is Over! 

A couple of beer soaps, ready to go!

Raspberry Wheat Beer Soap. Made with Shock Top Raspberry Wheat beer, scented with a little bit of Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance oil. On my website, and in my Etsy Shop.

 Torpedo Cedarwood Beer Soap. Made with Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale, scented with Cedarwood essential oil and Fir Needle essential oil. Very masculine! Very nice! On my website, and in my Etsy Shop.

Preparing For Mother's Day

I have put together a Mother's Day Gift Set. Roses and Chocolate.

It consists of a full bar of Fresh Cut Rose and a full bar of Creamy Peppermint w/ Chocolate Swirl, tied together with a red ribbon. Two all natural, unsweetened, unflavored cocoa butter lip balms in a white organza bag. A small note card. All tucked neatly into a 4" x 4" x 2" Kraft box with a "Happy Mother's Day" decal.

You can find this gift set on my website, and in my Etsy shop.


I have put together a couple of threesome listings in my Etsy shop. First, a trio of Honey Soaps! I thought this would be a good set of soaps for a bee keeper, or a honey lover. I included a full bar of Oatmeal & Honey, Honey Orange & Clove, and Creamy Honey Lemon.

AND, a trio of Beer Soaps! What could be more fun!

And that has been my soaping adventures for the last couple of weeks. :)

I'll finish with this picture I took last week during a cold rain. I took this from my patio, it looks like I could have walked behind my neighbor's house and gathered up a pot of gold!


Jenny said...

Wow, so many beautiful soaps, Nancy! I especially love the Citrus Mint 5-layer soap. And the beer and honey soaps look so luxurious!

healthywithsam said...

Wow these look so great! I'm checking out your etsy shop right now. Thanks.

Aunt Nancy said...

Thanks, Jenny! :) I was just over on your blog. Great video of you making the Lemongrass Peppermint Sage soap. They came out good!

Thank you, healthywithsam! :) I hope you can find a soap you'd like to try.

kevin grim said...

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