Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sharing a snack in Sabino Canyon

Yesterday morning Ray and I went to Sabino Canyon. We took the shuttle up to the top, and walked back down. It started out kind of cool at the top, but once we could get into the sun shine, it was warm enough. Plenty of folks out enjoying the canyon. Some just strolling along, some going at a good walking pace, others jogging. No bikes are allowed in the canyon after 7AM, and the only vehicles allowed are the shuttles (I think there are 4 of them).  So it's nice walking.

Half way down Ray and I stopped for a snack at a concrete picnic table in a sunny spot a bit off the road. We were joined by this lovely fellow.

A beautiful male Northern Cardinal. He was very happy to pose for Ray's camera, so we shared our snacks with him. I shared my apple, and Ray shared some walnuts.

Here he is enjoying some walnuts. I was so busy watching him, I didn't realize how beautiful the rock he was on is until I saw this picture.

So we said goodbye to Mister Cardinal, and continued on down the road. A very pleasant Saturday morning walk!

All photos by Ray Goodwin at Sonoran Connection.

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