Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pop Tops, Beer Soaps, and Restocks

I had a good Christmas and New Years, I hope you all did too! :)

A while ago I made a batch of Ginger Lavender soap, a pretty layered soap. Said soap in it's mold along with a batch of Sandalwood Vanilla. The Ginger Lavender is the one with the red stripe down the middle.

Pretty, yes? Here it is getting cut ..

Yes, very pretty! But then, oh no, look at this ...

The tops popped off! Just a little bit of pressure snaps the soaps at the clay line! Oh dear.

Causes? Number 1, I used Rhassoul clay for the line. This is a very dry, very sandlike clay, and I don't think it has the ability to grip. Number 2, I don't think the soap gelled hard enough to fuse the layers together. But mostly I think number 1 is the main cause for my pop tops.

Now I think, I THINK I will have to sell these as seconds. :)

Both of my beer soaps have been listed on my website and in my Etsy shop. These are great manly soaps, good and hefty, weighing in at 6 ounces each.

The unscented one, made with Coronado's Mermaid's Red Ale. On my website, this one is listed on my "Unscented Soaps" page.

This one is made with Nitro Blonde Ale, made by the Old World Brewery out of Phoenix, AZ. Scented with lemongrass essential oil. This one is listed on my "Essential Oil Soaps" page of my website.

Confetti Soap has been listed. This is a fun to look at soap, and is lightly scented with rose. You can find this on the "Fragrance Oil Soaps" page of my website.

A couple of shaving soaps I made in December. Both are sufficiently cured, I just need to get them listed on website and Etsy. Patchouli Cedarwood, and Rose Patchouli. The Patchouli Cedarwood is a restock, and I find a lot of men like this. The Rose Patchouli is a new one, smells lovely! A great one for the ladies!

Just poured into the molds ...

In the processes of getting cut into bars ..

And how about some pics of restock soaps in the mold. :)

Lemongrass & Sea Clay, and Salty Citrus Spa.

Creamy Honey Lemon, and Creamy Peppermint with Chocolate Swirl.

 Fresh Cut Rose, and Pomegranate Fig.

I stamped the rose soap, some with double hearts and some with a rose

And finally, a double batch of Goat Milk Oatmeal and Honey


Jenny said...

Oh, so sorry that the Ginger Lavender separated! I know that must be disappointing. It is a gorgeous soap. The Confetti soap is fun to look at, and I like the looks of your beer soaps. I love the pretty peaks on the tops of your soaps - that's something I still haven't mastered. And the rose and heart stamps are so cute!

Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, Jenny! :) Yeah, I was pretty surprised when one of the soaps just came apart while I was handling it. Lesson learned!

Anne-Marie said...

Love all your soaps! They designs and colors are great. And, I've totally had that same experience of a soap separating. I've found out that if you add a little bit of water beforehand to the clay it will help it from separating.