Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Honey and Goat Milk

I find myself using honey more and more in my soaps, especially my goat milk soaps. I took a bar of my Honey Patchouli soap into the shower, and I was OMG this soap is fantastic! Creamy and lots of lather, and left my skin feeling soft and pampered. Here are a couple of the honey and goat milk soaps I have in my shop.

Honey Patchouli

So now I'm thinking of other honey and goat milk soaps to make. I want an unscented one, either with no additives, or something different than oatmeal. Maybe Rhassoul Clay, or tumeric which is suppose to be good for skin. And I'm thinking of one scented with clove and cinnamon. Which could produce instantaneous combustion during gelling, because between the honey, the goat milk, and clove & cinnamon, which are all heat producers, this would be one HOT log of soap!!

A couple of things about honey and goat milk soaps. Number one, they are not the hardest bars of soaps on the soap rack. And never ever leave them setting in a wet non-draining soap dish! Both honey and olive oil (which is about 50% of my recipes) are humectants (a substance that helps a product retain water). These soaps pull water and moisture to them, and will turn to a slimy gooey mess if left in the shower. I always take mine right out of the shower and leave them in a well draining soap dish so they are dry in time for the next shower. 

And B, I can't do too much fancy with them colorwise. Between the honey and the goat milk, they are going to be a brown soap. No fancy swirls, no colorful layers. Just a mild, creamy, silky, wonderful brown bar of soap!


Karley said...

Well you know I love this bar. It is really a beautiful bar of soap because of its skin benefits. A couple ideas -- green tea or some royal jelly?

Aunt Nancy said...

Both good suggestions, Karley! Thanks! :0

Jenny said...

Gorgeous soaps, Nancy! I love both honey and goat's milk in soap.