Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Button Clasp for a Flat Spiral Stitch Bracelet

I made a perfectly lovely beadwoven bracelet, using tiger eye and gold lined seed beads. But I couldn't find a toggle clasp for it. I have silver, antiqued brass, copper, but nothing that would go with the sparkling golden look of the tiger eye and the seed beads. I do have some gold plated lobster claws, but lobster claws on bracelets ... no. Way too hard to clasp unless you have someone do it for you. So I decided to make a button and loop for the clasp. After a couple of starts and stops, taking the "button" apart a few times, this is what I came up with...

Tiger Eye Bracelet

So, now that I have the hang of it, I made another bracelet, this one with sodalite. This time, the "button" came along much easier, and the securing of it to the bracelet was also much easier.

But, alas, as I was weaving the thread ends in, as I was pushing my needle through one of the sodalite beads right in the middle of the bracelet, the bead broke! Ahhhhhhgggggggg !!! I'll eventually take it apart, but right now I am wearing the bracelet to give the button and loop clasp a good workout.

Now I am working on a bracelet made with rhodonite (the pink beads in the middle) and fuschia colored seed beads.

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