Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chocolate Layered Raspberry Filled Cake with Cream Frosting Soap

Is that name too long for a soap ? :)

This is a soap I made on Tuesday, and I cut it yesterday. First layer, scented with Chocolate Serendipity. Second layer scented with Black Raspberry and colored with rose clay. Third layer, more Chocolate Serendipity. And top layer, scented with Black Raspberry, uncolored.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Now, trust me, the chocolate part will turn a nice deep dark chocolate brown. Look, here is a soap I made last week with the Chocolate Serendipity. When I first cut it, it was light yellowish, and now it is this luscious dark chocolate.

And the 2 soaps side by side.

Here's the cake soap setting in the Tank, before I cut it.

The other soap I cut yesterday is Orange and Clove. I went a bit light on the clove, because it can be an irritant to sensitive skin. So it smells more orange. Hmmmmm, delish!

The log setting in the Tank. I sprinkled the top of it with ground cloves, and put about 1/4 tsp of ground cloves in the soap itself. Scrubby. :)

Isn't that pretty??!!

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Here's some of the jewelry I have been making.

Chainmaille Bracelet. This is called 4 in 1 pattern, which I've done before. This time, I figured out how to add a row. :)

Turquoise Heishi Necklace - turquoise is from the Kingman mine

Blue Lapis and Wolf Charm Necklace. I would love to do this same one, all in sterling!

A set of wire wrapped blue sodalite



Same earrings in sterling silver

A chain necklace with a big ol' hunk of Moss Agate

A pair of long pearl earrings

To see all my jewelry, check out my shop, Jewelry From Tucson, on Etsy.


Anne-Marie said...

Chocolate? Yum. Raspberry? Yum. Cream Cheese? Yum. Sounds like a winning soap to me! It will be even prettier after the discoloration =)

Easy-2-Save said...

Wow your soaps look great! I will go look at your shop. I am a new follower.