Monday, April 18, 2011

Soap, Soap, and ... Soap

Here are a few soaps I have listed in my Etsy shop ... hopefully, today I will get my website update to include them all. Some of these soaps you may have seen as I was cutting them.

Midnight Garden - This one is swirled with a pretty ultramarine blue. When I first poured it, it was much lighter. But because of the fragrance oil turned a dark brown. It has a wonderful violet and amber scent. At first, I was going to call it Blue Garden, but because it turned so dark, I went with Midnight Garden.

This is how light it was when first poured

(click on any photo to enlarge)

And this is what it looks like now

Lilac - Gotta have lilac in the spring!

The Orchard House - This is the one that was SUPPOSE to be Pomegranate Fig, but I only had 1/4 of the fragrance oil that I needed. So I added a couple of fragrances, like Apple Jack & Peel, and Violet Shae, and gave it a bit of a red swirl. It smells good!!

Sage & Flowers - I like this! A blend of essential oils, Sage, Lavender, Palmarosa, and Ylang Ylang. And a green swirl. Very fresh smelling and looking!

A bath and shaving soap for the girls - this is the same sexy blend of essential oils I used in my Night Breeze soap - Orange, Lemon, Clove, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang. I used all the right oils and butters to keep a good stable lather.

And Bay Rum Bath & Shaving Soap for the guys.

Let's see, what else ......

OH yes, for my soapaholic friend Amy, Hawaiian Citrus Spa. Made with Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt, goat milk, and lots of citrus essential oils!

One I made last year, and brought back for the summer - Carrot and Goat Milk Fragrance Free. Very nice for your face after a hard day at summer's play.

And, Spring Bouquet. This is another soap that ended up with a mix of fragrance oils because I thought I had plenty of one. It was SUPPOSE to be Lily of the Valley. But I only had a too small amount of lily of the valley fragrance oil. So I added a little bit of rose fragrance oil I had, and some myrrh fragrance oil. And I ended up with a very nice springy scent!

Now, would you like to see some soap I cut the other day ??? OK

This one is the same blend of fragrance oils I used in my Snow Spice soap. I like it a LOT, but I'm going to call it something a little more summery. It's a blend of White Spice, Cinnamon Stick, and Sahara Sandalwood. Swirled with yellow oxide and gold mica. Pretty, isn't it? :)

I've had a few requests for more Egyptian Dragon. But alas, the supplier I was getting it from has gone out of business. I only had a small amount of the fragrance oil left (sound familiar? Seeing a pattern here??), so I mixed what I had left with some Dragon's Blood. And it's very nice! It cut the sweetness of the Dragon's Blood a bit, and it's a very nice exotic scent. A unisex scent.

As it sets here in my Tank (the soap cutter), you can see how dark the outside of the soap is. The inside will get just as dark as it cures.

And this one ... this one I made a double batch of. It's called Saguaro Blossom. Saguaro's are the huge armed cactus that grow around here in the Sonoran Desert. They blossom in the late spring, early summer with these lovely big white flowers. These flowers have a scent like ripe melon, and attract all kinds of nectar eating creatures ... hummingbirds, orioles, bats. This is my salute to the saguaro blossom, a white soap with yellow topping, scented with a lily and cantaloup fragrance. Before you see the soap, this is a pic (taken by Ray, of course) of the flowers of a saguaro

And this is my Saguaro Blossom soap

There, that's enough soap for one day, yes? :)

Here's one of the little hummingbirds from the Hummingbird Aviary at the Desert Musuem - Photo taken by Ray (see more of his photos at his blog Sonoran Connection )


Anne-Marie said...

What a great spring spread! The Saguaro Blossom sounds wonderful =)

Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, Anne-Marie. :)

Prosey said...


Your stuff arrived today.

Thought I'd died and returned to my beloved desert.

Your name/website gets pimped even more as a result of your samples that made me cry and miss home all that MUCH more. Looking forward to my first bubble bath in the 'new' house tonight, thanks to you.


Michael R. Hughes said...

The Spring Bouquet looks great! A very smooth and glistening surface to it.

We can certainly relate to how you make the best often with what fragrance oils you have, having to become quite creative at times.

While I'm sure Lily of the Valley, your Spring Bouquet is very nice. I like the idea of using rose fragrance oil. Thank you for sharing this information.