Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More soap!

hehe !! Are you surprised?? :-D This is some soap I cut up yesterday.

This first one was SUPPOSE to be Pomegranate Fig, but I only had a tiny amount of Pomegranate Fig fragrance oil. So I added some Apple Jack and Peel, and some Violey Shea. It actually smells pretty good! Like the inside of a big farm stand. I'm calling Orchard House.

And this one is a blend of essential oils - Sage and Lavender, with a tiny bit of Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang. Smells good! I'm calling it Sage and Flowers.

I have a couple of soaps ready to come off the curing rack, I hope to get the photos taken this week and get then listed. One is Lilac, and the other is a blend of Lily of the Valley, Wild Rose, and Myrhh (I haven't decided what to call this one yet).

AND I'm showing you this photo that Ray took of some horses. I just love it! Be sure to click on it to enlarge!

To see more of Ray's photos, check out his blog!!

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Michael R. Hughes said...

I really like the Apple Jack and Peel you added to your Pomegranate Fig soap. It gives it real personality. Very nice!

How intentional was the Pomegranate Fig soap and what made you decide to add Apple Jack and Peel to it?

My favorite of these soaps is the soap with the Sage and Lavender, with a tiny bit of Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang. That looks fantastic. I would be interested to know how that soap sells!

Aunt Nancy said...

Hi Michael

The pomegranate fig is a soap I have in stock a lot, it's a pretty good seller. I really didn't realize when I set out to make it that I had so little of the fragrance oil, I thought I had a full bottle of it in my cupboard. As far as deciding to add the apple jack and peel, well, I thought the apple/orange scent would do well with the pom fig. Then I thought a little bit of floral would add a nice note, so I added some violet shea. I think it worked ok!

The sage and lavender is nice! Although I wish I had added a bit more palmarosa. But it's still young yet, I'll see how it smells in a week.

Anne-Marie said...

Great job blending on the fly! Sounds like it will be a yummy soap =)