Friday, January 21, 2011

On The Curing Rack

I just cut a couple of logs of soap. Thought you'd like to see them.

First, White Sage (fragrance oil from Majestic Mountain Sage). I just love the look of a log of soap before it is cut! This is a restock, something I have been out of for quite a while! I used to make it with shea butter, but shea butter sometimes make me break out, so I've stopped soaping with it. This time I used my cocoa butter recipe.

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Also a restock, and the cocoa butter recipe - Herbal Rosemary. Scented with rosemary essential oil.The swirls are made using ground rosemary. I love this soap in my kitchen. I ALWAYS have a piece of Herbal Rosemary soap next to my kitchen sink.

These two soaps have been whisked away to the soaping room for their cure. :)

Also on the curing rack ....

Spruce. I've been longing for spruce this winter, finally was able to get my hands on some spruce essential oil. This comes from Canada and is just wonderful for this desert rat that loves the piney woods! Spruce oil is invigorating and refreshing, has a long history of being used in saunas and steams to help revive and reenergize. This recipe has avocado oil and goat milk in it. Can't wait to use it!

Also, a soap I am calling Night Breeze. Same recipe as the Spruce. For the scent, a blend of Orange, Lemon, Clove, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang essential oils. I think this will make a very nice spring scent for those that don't like heavy florals. I put just a pinch of Ylang Ylang, so it's just a very mild floral.

For jewelry, I am working on a Valentine's bracelet ... I should probably get this done soon!!! :) A sterling silver chain with Swarovski crystal dangles, including 1 heart dangle in the middle. With a sterling silver heart shaped toggle clasp.

And just a reminder, ALL jewelry, beads, and kits in my Etsy jewelry shop are still marked down 20% !!!!

Jewelry From Tucson

I haven't been crocheting lately. Bad Nan!

Last weekend, Ray and I went birdwatching and photographing in Patagonia, which is in the Santa Rita Mountains. We went to the Patagonia/Sonoita Creek Preserve. Very lovely!! We saw many birds, and a few deer. The deer were especially accommodating, letting Ray get plenty of pictures. This young buck was very much more skittish than the does. I say it was because he was trying to lead us away from his doe, but Ray says he was just a chicken. :)

Check out Ray's blog for lots more gorgeous photos of our day out

Sonoran Connection

And here is a gratuitous Dakota pic


Karley said...

The rosemary sounds so nice--and I love your Valentine's bracelet, Nan.

Anne-Marie said...

Beautiful swirl! Rosemary would be such a good scent for a kitchen soap, great idea!

Cocobong Soaps said...

Your soap looks absolutely lovely! Edible even, pure, clean, perfect

Aunt Nancy said...

Karley, thank you! I'm almost done with the bracelet! :)

Thank you, Anne-Marie! It does help a little in getting the onion and garlic smell out of my hands when I'm cooking.

Thank you, Cocobong!

Kglass said...

Herbal Rosmary sounds divine...and the Snow Spice in the entry below would be perfect for winter! The photos of the soap making process are really neat, I like the one of all the swirls. It's interesting to see a whole log of soap :)
This is a great blog!