Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Soap Molds

I was talking to another soaper about soap molds, and I was once again telling someone how much I love my molds! Ray made them for me about 2 years ago, and they are still as good and strong as the day he made them! Just a bit of staining from the soaps, which is to be expected.

Here's a pic of one of them (I have 4 in all) in pristine condition, before any soap hit them

There are piano hinges on the long sides so I can just fold down the sides to get my soap out. On the ends, a threaded rod runs through holes on each long side, a wooden end piece is placed on the inside of the rod, and then I tighten it all up with a wing nut. This is what holds the whole thing together. When ready to unmold, I just undo the wing nuts, remove the rods, take away the end pieces, and fold down the long sides.

The next sequence of photos shows how I take the soap out of the molds.

Peel off the freezer paper, and I'm good to go!! To clean them up, I take an old expired plastic credit card or gift card and scrape any excess soap off. Put the ends back on, tighten everything up, and back in the soap room until I need them again.

One thing I really love about these molds, is I can pour at a very thin trace and they do not leak!!

And here's a recent pic of the molds ... a little soap stained but still going strong! I expect these babies to last me a long long long time!

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Paradise said...

Your mold pictures are great. Would you be willing to share the inner and outer dimensions of mold with piano hinge? What volume/weight do you fill it to.

Marsha Ramsdell