Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's on the Curing Rack ?

I have a few soaps on the curing rack, and one just taken out of the mold. Would you like to take a look?

Hawaiian Citrus Spa: A lightly salted soap to add a touch of spa to your bath. Oils used are olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and wheat germ oil. Scented with essential oils of grapefruit, orange and May Chang. And an added bonus, a bit of Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt. Alaea salt has been used for centuries in Hawaiian blessing ceremonies. Naturally red from the volcanic clay in the sea, islanders use the salt to purify, cleanse and release toxins from the body.

Goat Milk Oatmeal and Honey: This is a restock, one of my more popular goat milk soaps. Made with olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, organic canola oil, rice bran oil, wheat germ oil, goat milk, natural desert honey, and very finely ground oatmeal. This soap is great for sensitive skin types.

Gingersnap: A fall favorite. The house smelled like I'd been baking all day after I poured this one! Made with olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, wheat germ oil, and Gingersnap fragrance oil. With just a touch of ground cinnamon. Kids always love this one at the farmers market.

Pomegranate Fig: A new fall fragrance for me. A very sweet scent which I'm sure will be a hit. Made with olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, wheat germ oil, and Pomegranate Fig fragrance oil. The pretty pomegranate red swirls are made with rose clay.

Chai Tea with Shea Butter: A wonderful unisex scent, this soap should catch the attention of both men and women. Made with olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, castor oil, and Chai Tea fragrance oil. I just cut this one this morning, so you can see how the center is a different color than the outside. This is normal and after a day or so, the color will even out as the air flows around it.

Autumn Harvest Mix: And last, but certainly far from least, my once a year Autumn Harvest Mix just turned out of the molds, waiting to be cut. Made with olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and castor oil. I added some soap shreds of different colors .... blue from my Blue Maritime, green from my Rosemary Mint with a Splash, red from my Rose Clay Facial. Then I added some pumpkin puree. And for fragrance, a mix of Pumpkin Spice, Gingersnap, and Apple Jack & Peel. Yeah, Baby!!!!!!!

Look for these soaps on Etsy in the following weeks!


Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Pomegranate? SOLD!
Chai Tea? SOLD!
More Gingersnap and Autumn Harvest? SOLD again!

I am so excited! Let me know when they're up!

Aunt Nancy said...

LOL, Karley! I'll certainly put out the word when they are ready to go!


Unknown said...

Hi Nan,

Found you on the Shop Local...dying to try your soaps...check out my etsy
and my blog
Born and raised in Tucson :0)

Aunt Nancy said...

Sylvia, your bead work is gorgeous!!!!

We've been in Tucson for 4 years now. I love all the sunshine, and the dry air. Miss the ocean, though.

And love love love the Gem Show! :-D


José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


With all these ingredients you could dipp them into chocolate and sell as bonbons :-)
One of these days I have to try these natural products instead of buying "commercial" brands.

Have a nice time,