Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I REEK of Patchouli !

I infused some olive oil with patchouli leaves. Now I am in the process of straining the oil. I squeeze every last drop of oil out of the cheesecloth with my hands. Now my hands just reek of patchouli! There's no escaping it! The stuff is clinging to me no matter how many times I wash my hands. I like patchouli ok in small doses, but this is too much!!

I'm going to soap with the oil tomorrow. My olive oil/wheat germ oil recipe. I haven't decided on what essential oils to add.


Karley said...

LOL. I once spilled a 2 ounce bottle of Egyptian Musk on me and that is all I could smell for ages. Patchouli is strong as well--I can imagine how much you want that smell off of you and soon!

Angela said...

Hi Aunt Nancy, I just discovered some of your soap on Etsy, I've never really seen homemade soap before, and it looks lovely! Much more exciting ingredients than you find in regular shop-bought soaps (I particularly like the look of your "Energize Me!" soap)!

I was just wondering, do you make your soap with Lye, or with pour and melt soap bars, or use Olive Oil as the base? Is it possible to make soap mainly from Olive Oil, or does it need something that will help it set more firm? I apologise I am very new to homemade soap and know very little about it!