Monday, November 10, 2008


OK, I am NOT a pocketbook kind of gal. I buy one pocketbook about every 10 years, and use the poor thing until it falls apart. So, at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Craft Show that I sold soap at this weekend, when I looked across the aisle to see a display of handmade bags, I thought "eh, hand bags". Until I saw Kristin, the creator of these bags, wearing one. A voice said "hey, I want one of those!" and I said "It's just a bag". And the voice said, "yeah, but I want one!". I couldn't keep that voice quiet as I watched woman after woman trying on these bags, and finding a size bag that fit so it looked good, and it looked comfortable.

These are cross-body bags, made from cotton, fully lined. They are designed to go across the chest, and hang fairly low and towards the back. Well, I think you just need to go look at them! Here ...

Oh, yeah, I finally got one! :)) We did a bit of a trade, one bag for 8 bars of soap plus a couple of lip balms. I'm happy, I hope Kristin is!

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Karley said...

Those are quite lovely, Nan!