Monday, October 20, 2008

Willcox Wine and Art Festival

We did a two day craft show in Willcox, Arizona, sponsored by the Arizona Wine Growers Association. Willcox is famous for Rex Allen, hydroponic tomatoes, and trains. The festival was held on Railroad Avenue in front of the Rex Allen Cowboy Museum. The Avenue was closed off to traffic, and the vendors set up in the road. Wine tasting took place near the pavilion in the park. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! This was the first year for this festival, so there weren't droves of folks there. It was ~ok~ for the first year. We didn't make a killing. Hopefully, I picked up a few new customers. We'll see!!

We arrived early enough on Friday to take a drive out to Chiricahua National Monument. Just absolutely beautiful!! I will be posting pics later this week.

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